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Japan and the UK as Strategic Partners After Brexit

Michito Tsuruoka, "Japan and the UK as Strategic Partners After Brexit," Asia Pacific Bulletin, No. 410 (Washington, D.C.: East-West Center, 9 January 2018) is available at the EWC website.

PDF: https://www.eastwestcenter.org/publications/japan-and-the-uk-strategic-partners-after-brexit

In this brief piece, I discuss recent developments of Japan-UK cooperation, including in the security and defence domains, in light of Brexit. The fact that the UK, which has long been seen as a gateway to Europe for Japan, is leaving the EU will inevitably have negative consequences for Japan's interest. But at the same time, Britain needs non-EU partners more than ever before, which could stimulate the development of Japan-UK cooperation.

米イースト・ウェスト・センターのAsia Pacific Bulletinのシリーズに、英国のEU離脱(Brexit)を控えての日英関係についての英語の小文(Japan and the UK as Strategic Partners After Brexit)を寄稿しました。


同じシリーズで英国側からの視点を、Henry Jackson SocietyのJohn Hemmings氏が寄稿しています。以下URLからダウンロード可能です。

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