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I left the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) at the end of March 2017 and started teaching at Keio University as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Policy Management, based in Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) in April 2017.


Strategic Considerations in Japan-Russia Relations (NBR Special Report)

Michito Tsuruoka, 'Strategic Considerations in Japan-Russia Relations: The Rise of China and the U.S.-Japan Alliance', in Shoichi Itoh, Ken Jimbo, Michito Tsuruoka and Michael Yahuda, Japan and the Sino-Russian Entente: The Future of Major-Power Relations in Northeast Asia (Washington, D.C.: National Bureau of Asian Research, April 2017) has been published and is available at the NBR website.

Please note that the report can be downloaded for free only until 4 June 2017, after which there will be a charge.

NBR website: http://www.nbr.org/publications/issue.aspx?id=344

中露協力と日本に関する米NBR(全米アジア研究所)の報告書に、「Strategic Considerations in Japan-Russia Relations: The Rise of China and the U.S.-Japa Alliance」と題した小文を寄稿しました。刊行後2カ月間のみNBRのサイトで無料公開でして、それ(2017年6月4日)以降は、有料になってしまうようです。ご関心おありの方はお早めにどうぞ。(こちらでのご紹介が遅くなり、申し訳ありません。)



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