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Relocating Tactical Nuclear Weapons?

Michito Tsuruoka, "Relocating Tactical Nuclear Weapons? A View from Japan," Tokyo Foundation, 30 May 2011, is now online at the Tokyo Foundation's website. The piece examines both the reasons to be concerned and not to be concerned regardig NATO's call for Russia to relocate tactical nuclear weapons away from NATO's territory, suggested in the new Strategic Concept (para. 26) adopted in November 2010. It is an English translation of the original Japanese edition released in April 2011 at the Tokyo Foundation's website and posted here then.

(Full text link) http://www.tokyofoundation.org/en/articles/2011/tactical-nuclea-weapons
(Original Japanese edition) http://www.tkfd.or.jp/eurasia/europe/report.php?id=253

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