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NATO's Challenges as Seen from Asia (Polish Quarterly of International Affairs)

Michito Tsuruoka, 'NATO's Challenges as Seen from Asia: Is the European Security Landscape Becoming Like Asia?' The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, Vol. 25, No. 1 (2016) has just been published from PISM (Polish Institute of International Affairs) in Warsaw. It is a NATO summit special issue, compiling a series of articles on NATO, including those by my friends and colleagues.

My argument is simple, as shown in the subtitle of my article, though I did not need to put the question mark. The European security landscape and security challenges in Europe are indeed becoming like Asia. Europe now has to deal with such challenges as change of the status quo by force, hybrid warfare, nuclear intimidation, adversaries' A2AD capability, etc. Asians have been quite familiar with those challenges...

Should you need a PDF of my article, please let me know. More information available below.


ポーランド国際問題研究所(PISM)刊行のThe Polish Quarterly of International Affairsの最新号に、小文「アジアから見たNATOの課題――欧州の安全保障環境はアジアに類似してきているのか?」を掲載しました。今回はNATO首脳会合特集号でして、NATO関連の論文が多数掲載されています。目次は下記で見られます。




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