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Partners for Global Security (RUSI-NIDS joint research publication)

Jonathan Eyal, Michito Tsuruoka and Edward Schwarck (eds.), Partners for Global Security: New Directions for the UK-Japan Defence and Security Relationship, Whitehall Report, 3-15 (London: RUSI, 2015) is now available at the RUSI website.

This is a result of a joint research project between the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) in London and the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) in Tokyo. I co-edited this with RUSI's Jonathan Eyal and Edward Schwarck. Seven researchers from the two institutes contributed to this volume as the following.

Introduction: Japan and the UK - An Agenda for a Strategic Partnership
  Jonathan Eyal
Chapter 1: Japan's Defence and Strategic Posture under the Abe Administration
  Tomohiko Satake
Chapter 2: Understanding the UK's Security Policy in the Asia-Pacific
  Edward Schwarck
Chapter 3: Maritime Security in Asia and Europe
  Peter Roberts
Chapter 4: Japan's Defence Diplomacy in Asia and Beyond
  Michito Tsuruoka
Chapter 5: Japan-UK Cooperation in Peace and Stability in Africa
  Akira W Jingushi
Chapter 6: The Prospects for Japan-UK Collaboration in Defence Equipment
  Trevor Taylor
Chapter 7: Conclusion - Challenges and the Way Ahead
  Michito Tsuruoka

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